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Presentation Skills
The ability to develop and deliver clear messages is critical to people at all levels of their organizations. Presentation Skills focuses on organizing clear messages and basic principles and behaviors to strengthen delivery skills.

Skill-Building to Develop:
• Understanding the audience
• Ability to organize strategic messages
• Greater clarity
• Use of the voice and body

Executive Presence
What make people compelling?
Executives need to have the expertise and flexibility to engage others. Whether gaining organizational support, talking to a Board of Directors or community groups, the ability to engage others is critical. In these programs we focus on the elements that make people compelling, understanding a framework for communication, identifying strengths and weaknesses in each individual and extending the range of expression so that each person can achieve greater results in a variety of circumstances.

• Identify strengths and weaknesses in communication
• Extend the range of expression for greater effectiveness
• Understand the values that drive communication
• Develop a stronger connection to the message and the audience

Leading From Within
Self -knowledge and the ability to build relationships, to shape an organization according to lived values and principles can be critical to success. More than just a set of acquired skills leaders need to be able to move organizations forward in times of change, and inspire others to act. In this program we examine what it takes to lead with a sense of courage, authenticity, creativity and risk taking.

• Develop a greater self-knowledge and awareness of values
•Determine what's important, what makes authentic and courageous leadership
• Connect more genuinely and deeply with others
• Communicate from values and vision that are rooted in core beliefs
• Build the future you want

Why Theatre - Why Acting?

In order to enter and create a role, an actor must have the capacity to empathize and to enter the reality of circumstances to make that believable for an audience. To achieve that, the actor must be have the full range of expression, the intelligence to analyze situations, the flexibility to go beyond their own habitual expressions and the capacity of the voice and voice and body to express ideas fully and clearly.

All of us in life are required to be effective in a variety of circumstances. Are we limited by our own habits and predispositions? What skills can we learn from theatre so that we can be most effective in any given set of circumstances?

Eda Roth teaches people not to “put things on”, but to bring more of what already exists in each person – to be more of their real and vital selves, to understand and inhabit each circumstance with clarity, presence and the power that actors have to touch hearts and minds, interact effectively with others and command the attention of audiences.


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