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Eda Roth has the tremendous ability to reach the individual. Having watched her for several years I am always amazed at how she can zero in on the ways to improve a presentation, finding that special quality that each person has and developing it to reach the audience. She brings out the best in everyone.

Mary Ellen Withrow
40th Treasurer of The United States of America

Eda is amazing. She has the unique ability to work with anyone and take them quickly to the next level. Do not think of her as helping you with your communication ability. Think of her as helping you with your presence; how you come across, how you work with others, and how you really make difference. And in the process you can have a lot of fun working with her.

Lloyd Baird
Director, Leadership Institute
Boston University School of Management

The 20 minutes of coaching I received from Eda Roth were more powerful and genuinely helpful to me than any other professional development experience I have ever had.

She has the ability to transform people’s speaking and stage presence, not by tricks and techniques, but with three powerful skills:

• Understanding the person as they most wish to be understood, and finding the core strengths of their personality;
• Improvising, in the instant, the exact exercises that help the person transform their style and delivery to speak from these strengths, and
• Managing the vulnerability and emotion of the moment with a luminous kindness and generosity of spirit that allows true risk-taking and transformation.

In putting these elements together, she has invented a genuinely original form of professional coaching. Her ability to execute these techniques rapidly, accurately, and consistently over a workshop session, are near miraculous. Eda Roth is a genius, nothing less. She is a national treasure.

Sang-Ick Chang, MD
Medical Director, San Mateo Medical Center
San Mateo, CA

Eda Roth, through her work and her essence, has the unique ability to change people’s lives—even in relatively brief encounters. With a rare gift of intuition and insight, Eda helps people to find their voice. Clear, articulate and heartfelt communication is an essential skill of effective leaders that too often is overlooked. Building on each person’s unique style and ability, Eda is almost magically able to remove decades-old blocks and barriers that keep people from realizing their greatest potential. I say this from personal experience and with enormous gratitude.

Neal Adams, MD
Director of Special Projects
California Institute for Mental Health

Eda's ability to release the passion and persuasiveness of each speaker was nothing short of astonishing. Casting us against type, she expanded our range and increased our effectiveness in speaking to diverse audiences. I was so impressed with her skills, I brought her back to work with our entire faculty. Now, when they have major presentations to make, I tell them to think about the Eda Roth sessions.

David Reuben, MD
Professor and Chief, Division of Geriatrics
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA



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